Friday, January 2, 2009

About me

I pieced and quilted my first pillow for my sister while I was in High School. It was made from an old red heavy velveteen coat my Mother had. That was 1971. In college I started paper-piecing a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

While my children were small I joined the Baytown Area Quilt Guild and was their president in 1989. I started a Scrap Exchange Bee there and we met every other month for 10 years, until I moved away. I LOVE making quilt tops and since hand quilting is so slow I started finishing them on my home sewing machine. I have many quilts quilted that way but now I'm excited to use the long-arm. 
I am predominately self taught; I have read a lot about quilting, done a lot of quilting, talked to a lot of quilters, done a lot of quilting, but have taken few classes and did I mention done a lot of quilting? I always fit my quilting between mothering resposibilities and wouldn't take time away from that. 
Four of my six children no longer live at home or even near home thus I have time to devote to quilting and building a business of quilting for others.


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