Saturday, February 28, 2009


Quilted with a butterfly pattern in the alternating plain block and spinning ribbons in the pinwheel. The three borders were quilted as one with a spiral feather to maintain the light-hearted feeling this quilt had. I also did SID (stitch in the ditch around each block). This was an exchange organized by Jodi Moss in Baytown in 1992. Finished February 2009.

Cotton/poly batting.
Beige So Fine thread

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Melissa's quilt.

Quilt made by Melissa. My daughter tied this quilt and finished it on her 13th birthday. The ties were coming untied so she asked me to quilt it for her. She must have had a good teacher (me!) since it lay flat and square; it quilted up beautifully. I used a thin red polyester (bottom line) thread and line danced in the blocks and spirals in the sashing and borders. The borders had been quilted on the domestic machine in straight lines and the corners were hand quilted. I stippled around the hand quilting. There was some fullness in the last row but it quilted out just fine.

Austin's wall quilt

My 4th and youngest grandson's quilt. I tried to use fabric with pictures of things for an 'I Spy' type quilt.  I quilted it with a free motion 'contour map' design. I used a varigated lime-green cotton thread; King Tut. Bamboo batting. A flannel back made it very soft and drapable.

The complete story is scattered amoung posts in my other blog;

Christmas Sampler

The Christmas Sampler Exchange was organized by Jan Beaman; owner of The Rocking Chair quilt shop in 1994. Another 'hybrid' (partially quilted on my domestic machine and then finished January 2009 on my long-arm). Changed the thread a lot on this quilt and rotated to get the 2 borders all around.

84 x 104

House Exchange

On my quest to finish quilts I have started I finished this one; it was half domestic machine quilted and half long-arm quilted. I received the blocks during a quilt exchange in 1995. The pattern is from the book; 'Little Quilts All Through The House' by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt, and Sylvia Johnson.

New Look

I have a new header; hey and I pasted it in by myself; with just step by step instructions from Brandt. It worked. Thanks Brandt.

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