Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Liz's Shower

For my daughter's wedding shower her fiance's family tied this quilt for her. She brought it to me and we loaded it and cut off the ties. I did an allover meander of leaves and ribbons. I also managed to get their names and year of wedding hidden among the bottom leaves. She didn't want hearts but the leaves look like hearts to me. Black So Fine thread.

batting; 2 polyester batts?
black So Fine thread

Going away to college Quilt

This was made by a loving mother for her daughter to use at college. I used a beige so fine thread and an allover meander of curling feathers. I avoided stitching in the middle of a photo except where the photo was so large it needed additional quilting.

I would have loved something like this on my bed at college; how about you?


I'm going to play catch up and get some more customer quilts into this blog.

I tried to quilt it with the customer's thread, a sulky 30 weight variable colors but the thread kept breaking. I need to get another spool and work with my machine until I can quilt with it but I didn't feel like I had the time with this one. I got a similar coloring thread with King Tut's Fahl Green, #923
I digitized 2 of the frogs from the border fabric and scattered them across the body of the quilt. Then I did an allover meander of water. The border has a tighter meander than the body.

batting; customer's
King Tut thread # 923
bobbin: So Fine spring Green

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