Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spotty Dotty Quilt Project

I call this my Spotty Dotty Quilt. I offered to teach machine applique to my guild and since my 2 daughters are expecting I came up with these symbionic quilts. One uses the scraps created by the first quilt. The one with the black borders is for a boy. (The border is minkee-I'll never do that again.) The smaller quilt will have a colored border once we know if it is a boy or .

I promised the ladies at my guild meeting to post a tutorial to remind them of the steps I taught at our guild meeting. Materials needed:
black and white fabrics-4 different ones for each block
4 fabrics of the same color-the example is of 4 different purple fabrics
fusible web
Cut each fabric into 4.25" squares. (This is different; I'd gotten 4.5 inch strips out of 1/8th yard cuts before but the last batch I could only get 4.25 inches so I changed the size.) Two of each black and white and 1 of each purple.

Make 3 4 patches out of the fabrics and press the seams open. Here are the 2 black and white ones ( the purple looks the same.) (edit; pressing the seams open is the best plan since it makes everything lay flatter is really a pain to do and I decided after a few that it was really not worth the flatness and pressed the seams to one side.)

Trace circle onto the paper side of the fusible web.

Do not cut the circle out on the line; cut 1/4 to 1/2 inch on either side of the line. You'll end up with skinny donut shaped circles, like this;

Fold your 'donut' in quarters; I marked mine with a pencil so you could see it.
At the ironing board lay the 'donut' on the back side of the purple 4-patch; the fold lines need to lay on the seams.

Then cut on the line. The first cut is the hardest, fold it and clip on the fold.

You'll have 2 parts of the 4-patch.
Lay each resulting piece of purple on a black and white 4-patch, lining up the seams. Press.

Machine applique;
I choose a black machine embroidery thread to do the applique with. Set your machine to the width of zigzag you desire. Lay a piece of paper under the block and stitch around the edge of the circle. (The paper prevents the stitching from causing the block to ripple-you could use a tear-away stabilizer from the fabric store; but paper works for me.) Tear the paper away and give it to your grandson to make a circle book.
Then trim away the extra material. The purple circle will have the black cut out from behind it and the Black and white circle will have the black and white cut out from behind the purple

Here's a link to 2 heart quilts I made using the same technique.
That's it; It's crazy that this took so long to write...If you can understand what I wrote let me know.
can't understand what I wrote let me know so I can fix it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Patriotic Sampler

This is a sampler made from Quakertown Quilts first Saturday about 2001.

Hobbs 80/20 Thread; King Tut, Isacord, and So Fine.

Hand guided, custom and computer guided.

Sailboat Quilt

'All Over Waves' free motion quilting.
Quilted with a pale blue Isacord thread.
40 X 47
Hobbs 80/20 batting

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