Monday, December 7, 2009

Modified dresden plate

I just finished wrestling 2 big quilts; trimming and getting them in their bags. My back aches and I didn't get a full size picture; which I know I'll regret but it has been overcast for 4 days and someone put away the ladder that I use to hang quilts indoors. So by the time I get the ladder in (I'd have to move the car) and wrestled with them again I'd be totally wasted. So here are some close-ups of the interesting fabrics used in 2 Modified Dresden plates.
These were the last quilts my customer's grandmother Beulah made. She was 76 years old with rheumatoid arthritis so this was an amazing painful job to do for her. The tops were finished in 1976. You can tell these were made from a decades long stash.

Don't you love polka dots?

This looks like a World War 2 fabric to me. Beulah's sons had pajamas made from this fabric.

1950? or 1960?
My favorite fabrics in the quilts.

The sweetest combination.
An interesting cartoon print.
Another 50's or 60's? Anyone know?

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