Monday, September 6, 2010

Disappearing 4-patch

I designed and donated the fabric and my friends sewed this top together for charity. Here it is before it is sewn completely. It was large 4-patches that are then cut across like this tutorial shows. (the sizes are different though.)
Since I needed to try out a new pattern on the long arm I tried it out here. First it was recommended that it is basted with water soluble thread; then quilted. Here you can see where I got to play before doing the fans.
Before washing, with both of the quilting completed; basting and baptist fan.
Here it is after washing:
I liked the way it turned out but everything did not line up exactly. Handing a customer a quilt with the basting still in would be difficult. Washing a customer's quilt is not something I would do though. Basically the quilt has to be quilted twice! So it would take a long time and cost more than a different edge to edge.


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