Thursday, December 9, 2010

Razorback Hog Quilt

I'm guessing that someone went to college in Arkansas. An Arkasian (what do you call someone from Arkansas?) or an alumni of the University of Arkansas would love this quilt. It was fun and easy to quilt.

Black glide thread. Polyester batting. Loopy loops.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This customer is working ahead. I'm SURE her valentine quilt will be bound and up by Valentine's Day 2011.

This is a neat heart quilt. I quilted it with a pantograph of hearts and flowers designed by Patricia Ritter.Isn't it a romantic panto?
I'd love to quilt it on one of my own quilts.
My customer found the pattern on-line here. You, too, could have a quilt in time for Valentine's day if you start
white Isacord thread, 80/20 batting

Month Sampler

Another Edge to Edge pantograph. Leaf Flurries. Mother Goose colored thread.

My husband was sweet and hung this up by himself; I asked him to hang it and then expected him to ask for help. It is a little difficult to do with just one person. He did great; it was just upside down. So it it looks a little odd it's because the loose edge is on the top. :)

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