Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flower Sampler

Isn't this lovely? The colors and the flowers.
I'm sure the young lady this was made for will love it.

If you want to embellish your quilt with buttons and beads it is better to do it after the quilting. There is only one spot on this quilt that I was unable to get enough quilting in but it still looks great.

Variegated King Tut top
pink isacord bobbin
Curling feathers
Warm and Natural batting

T-shirt quilt

I just finished another contour quilt. The customer was happy to have me add her son's name and a motorcycle and guitars mixed in with the contours. Even the phrase 'You are loved' was added.

So fine #414 thread (burgundy)
Quilter's Dream Cotton batting

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Color block

Made in 2010 How did I miss posting this?
I love these log cabins made with my scraps. This is the third one.
Free-motion fans...not my favorite quilt design.
Another piece of fabric given to me.
Luckily someone else bound the charity quilts for me. Thank-you Lisa and Janet!

So now there are 4 of these quilts (1 is not yet set together) and my scraps are STILL overflowing

A new color block quilt

Last year when I worked on our charity quilts one of the women wanted to help. She had 2 young children and 2 school age children and not much time. She didn't sew. So she tore the papers off of our 'heartstrings' style quilt.
Imagine my surprise when I got a call from her to quilt a quilt for her. Her grandmother's birthday is Saturday and she made her a quilt. Her grandmother has made many quilts over the years but no one had ever made her one; until now. Do you see the similarity to the Charity quilt we made here and here. Curtina purchased scraps by the bag at the local quilt shop and went to town making these blocks. Yeah! Another woman addicted to scraps. She left her a few minutes ago talking about her next quilt.....
I used gray Isacord thread to do an all over meandered ribbon.
97 X 97

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