Saturday, June 23, 2012

Twin quilts

For 2 darling brothers (my grandson's) I quilted 2 quilts that were made by their Mother.

 Blue and white with the back being their mother's teenage curtains and a strip of brother's brown fabric.

 Brown and white top with a section of Mother's curtains for the back and a strip of brother's blue fabric.

The each chose rainbow thread for their top. They also got to choose the quilting designs. Tyler's (the top one) chose feathers (I think because they are on his baby quilt and they were familiar to him) and I used King Tut rainbow thread. Jimmy chose 'dragon tails' and rainbow Isacord thread.
Their Mother learned how to do binding and finished them except for the label while visiting here.
These are their Christmas presents...we'll see if they stay in the cupboard until then.


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