Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kaffe Fasset 'Magic Rectangles'

This is my effort to reproduce a Kaffe quilt. I saw this quilt at Quilt Festival a couple of years ago and thought, 'We can do that with my scraps.' So then I organized a group of ladies at my church and we made big rectangles of same color scraps. Eventually, 2 years later, we got this done and I got to quilt it. Then it was donated.

 I already had all my scraps sorted by color. We used almost all my turquoise scraps, but I still have tons of blue....and red.
 This was so exciting to me to see it come together.
 At one of our work meetings we laid it out in different ways.
 I love the zigzag too.
 Here it is finished!
I LOVE this quilt....I'm working on one for myself now...well if sitting in a basket is considered working...I custom quilted it.


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