Saturday, October 12, 2013


Here is another Charity quilt I organized. Women in our organization donated squares of fabric made of strips of either red, blue or green.

 I quilted a simple meander.

Kaffe Fasset 'Magic Rectangles'

This is my effort to reproduce a Kaffe quilt. I saw this quilt at Quilt Festival a couple of years ago and thought, 'We can do that with my scraps.' So then I organized a group of ladies at my church and we made big rectangles of same color scraps. Eventually, 2 years later, we got this done and I got to quilt it. Then it was donated.

 I already had all my scraps sorted by color. We used almost all my turquoise scraps, but I still have tons of blue....and red.
 This was so exciting to me to see it come together.
 At one of our work meetings we laid it out in different ways.
 I love the zigzag too.
 Here it is finished!
I LOVE this quilt....I'm working on one for myself now...well if sitting in a basket is considered working...I custom quilted it.

New York Beauty

I was given this quilt to do. It is an impressive work of art.

All reproduction fabric.
 Isn't it beautiful?

Mother Goose Signature thread. Ruler work. It turned out lovely.


This is an old quilt top. Some of the fabrics still had feed sack label residue on them. Although it was not square or flat to start with it was fun to work on.

 Check out this pinwheel. There is no red or green in the gray fabric, the pinwheels are arranged diagonally with the yellows in a row and the red and greens in a row.  The strong sashing pulls everything together. I quilted it heavily to help flatten it and hold it together.
I love looking at old fabrics.

Jelly Roll

A friend and Customer called and asked if I could quilt this quickly if she made it. So she made it and got it to me later the same day. I quilted it that night and got it to her the next time for her to bind it before the baby shower of her friend.

 Pink Isacord on top, So Fine in the bobbin.
Just an easy meander. It's always a delight to work on Lisa's quilts; they are square and FLAT.

King bedspread

This is a King-sized bedspread I made and quilted. I outlined the motifs with black glide thread and some yellow thread in the inside of the huge yellow flowers. I used wool batting.
Here you can see how big the flowers were. This fabric was chosen to coordinate with the Tiffany lamps on the bedside tables.

Embroidered linen bedspreads first and last....

I was commissioned to make 3 quilts for a customer this summer. Two of them were of embroidered linen. Beautiful fabric.These 2 quilts are queen size.

I used Isacord and glide cream colored threads and quilted around the motifs, about 1/4" out.
The fabric was chosen to coordinate with the Tiffany lamps in each of the guest rooms. They were not traditionally bound but have a french finish and then hemmed.
If you are considering doing this consider that when fabric is embroidered it may be pulled off grain, this was, and not always centered, this wasn't. To match the motifs some areas had to be eased in to fit. Basting the seam over the flowers worked better than sewing and ripping and sewing and ripping..... Challenging but successfully completed!

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