Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gallery (crop)

Computer panto

hand embroidered panel set with plain borders. Looks great.
The back.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Here is baby quilt with a cowboy theme;

 Is Grandma having fun? Yes, she is!
 The back;
Texas Star Panto;
Computer, panto, Signature Mother Goose thread.
update: I got a text from my customer. Here's what she sent me;
Bound and finished! Thanks Beth.

Baby Elephants

A friend, Beth got an embroidery machine last year, she also had 3 grandchildren born in the last year. ( I need a venn diagram here;)

Ta Da! (Don't let me fool you this took an hour and I still needed the help of my husband and my son to get it in here)
Here is quilt #2 Baby Elephants;
Here's a close-up;
 Even elephants on the back;
How cute is that!?
Free-motion quilting, curling ribbon, so-fine thread, pink.

update; I got a text from Beth, my customer with this;
Bound and read to give away. Thank-you Beth.

Sunbonnet Sue

This quilt has great meaning for my customer. She had a Sunbonnet Sue that she loved that I re-quilted for her 2 years ago. Her husband knew she loved it and he was sick with cancer so he copied the pattern, using scraps from their life collection of fabric, and made another one. It was the last thing he did before he passed away. She gave it to me to quilt.

 Here's the back;

Quilted with off-white Isacord thread. Windy pantogram, robotics.

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